Litigation has a profound effect on your bottom line.  Consider outsourcing it to an expert to manage.  Our  sole goal is to cut the damage to your bottom line and minimize disruption of your business?

litigation_consultantLitigation is frustrating and disruptive.  It is expensive, long, and the enemy of your buisiness.  Despite an in-house lawyer who is “managing” your litigation does it goes over budget.  Are you experiencing constant “project creep?  Have you spent a fortune and on legal discovery and now are told to pony up a large settlement? Are using a  large old-line firm you have used for years with a gold plated reputation but…your litigation is a financial black hole.   Managing lawyers like herding cats is difficult and requires unusual skill set.  We provide managing ranging from a “concierge” service to facultative services for specific tasking.

You hope you are getting cost effective representation, with your commercial goals in mind, but are you?  We can help.